Eric Olson


Eric Olson
Director, Creative Strategy

Eric Olson has been a creative director and creative strategist in the live events space for more than 20 years. He has created large-scale, high-production shows for arenas filled with thousands. He has created more intimate, interactive environments for audiences measured in dozens. And he has done everything in between. 

According to Eric, “The best events are not dependent on size or (they’ll kill me for saying this) budget. In my experience, the most successful shows have clear objectives, an agreed-upon tone, the license to break norms and surprise an audience, and a creative thread that is consistent and woven throughout the entire event.” 

Prior to entering the live events industry, Eric cut his teeth in the competitive world of daytime television, working as a writer and producer for Universal Television, Harpo Productions, and Barbara Walters’ BarWall Productions. As he likes to say, “Having been responsible for putting words in the mouths of everyone from Jerry Springer to Barbara Walters, I have become a bit of a specialist when it comes to finding the voice of my clients’ brands.” 

Eric is proud to have served as creative director for some of the world’s top brands across a wide range of industries, including Google, Dell, Target, Pizza Hut, Buffalo Wild Wings, UnitedHealth Group, Expedia Group, Boston Scientific, and G6 Hospitality. 

No matter the size of the production, Eric is committed to providing creative that is never off-the-shelf, always brand right, and has enough “wow” to make the event memorable and meaningful for everyone in attendance.