Jennifer Bechan, CMP-HC, HMCC


Jennifer Bechan
Strategic Account Manager

Jennifer Bechan began her career over 20 years ago and realized that detailed logistics, event execution, and exceeding client expectations were only a few of her many talents that would propel her into the next phase of her professional life. After spending over a decade in the hotel and private club sector, she moved to supporting medical associations and made her way into planning high-profile events and a variety of pharmaceutical and medical meetings.  

Jennifer is passionate about continuing education and is constantly exploring industry courses to not only support her own career, but also to better understand the challenges and opportunities that meeting professionals face.    

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, where most weekends are spent cheering for the boys at sporting events. She volunteers and serves as chair for events at her son’s school, is an avid runner and Orange Theory member, and loves the beach and traveling.