Lynn Willison, CMP, HMCC


Lynn Willison
Global Sourcing Manager

With over 20 years of industry experience, Lynn Willison discovered her passion for the hospitality field from the get-go. She obtained a graduate degree in hotel and restaurant management from Florida International University and has remained dedicated to the industry ever since. Throughout her career, Lynn has excelled in various roles, such as site selection, contract negotiation, meeting planning, and hotel conference service management. Her extensive experience has instilled a deep understanding of the meticulousness required for successful meetings, and she is committed to delivering exceptional service to her clients. 

In her personal life, you can find Lynn exploring the world with Vietnam, Colombia, and Turkey holding special places in her heart. When she’s not embarking on worldwide journeys, you might find her engrossed in books, honing her culinary skills, and treasuring moments spent with family and friends.