Michelle Dallas


Michelle Dallas
Program Manager

Before becoming an event producer, Michelle Dallas worked in hotel, restaurant, and catering kitchens, becoming involved in menu design, high-quality service standards, and the creative art behind food and beverage.  

Fueled by her culinary arts passion, Michelle began producing events in 2008 with the unique ability to transform spaces into expertly designed corporate, social, and sporting events. Since then, she’s been sought out for her ability to utilize evolving ideas and inspiring technologies to develop fully immersive experiences. With attention to detail and flair for the unimaginable, Michelle creates events that stimulate the senses and awe guests while creating seamless, enjoyable experiences. 

In Michelle’s eyes (and Charlie Chaplin’s), a day without laughter is a day wasted, so her work always becomes play. Outside of work, she fills her days viewing art, attending concerts, going to comedy shows, and eating at ALL the restaurants. Between events, she’s sure to have a trip booked with scuba diving, rock climbing, or waterfall repelling as a true adventurer at heart.