Monica Korte


Monica Korte
Operations Training & Development Manager

Before joining Bishop-McCann in 2013, Monica worked in project management, then followed her passion to become a classically trained chef. During this time, her love of logistics, events, and training blossomed as she worked in various positions in the restaurant industry – even owning her own catering company.

Monica has always been curious, and as a life-long learner, she enjoys knowledge-sharing and teaching others while seeking opportunities to enhance her skills. She’s known for successfully solving problems from start to finish, collaborating across teams, and building processes. She hopes to foster a culture of continuous learning while supporting employees with their professional development. She understands the importance of creating efficient, sustainable solutions to support the “BMC way.”

Although she loves a good process, she knows the importance of leaving room for spontaneity, trusting your instincts, a good belly laugh, and sprinkling in your own personality.  

Outside of work, Monica spends time with her family, creating core memories with her kids and husband, doing yoga with her sister, and (of course) cooking!